Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Day of Freedom!!!!

This could potentially be my last post as just a wife.....I may blog tomorrow before depending on if I need to vent or not.
The diapers are put up, the wipe warmer is stocked, the swing and bouncer and stroller are put together and waiting her arrival. The nursery is (almost) done (I just have a monogram that has to be painted on the wall left to do), the bottles are sterilized, the clothes are washed and hung up....I think I've got my bases covered. My bags are pretty much packed, the house is in good shape, we went shopping yesterday for all the things we will need in the hospital including snacks and drinks, gifts for the nursing staff, gifts for my doctor and his staff, necessities for the house, etc. After two stints in the hospital, you become a pro! I don't think I've left a stone unturned.
Today is my last day of "singledom"....from here on out, I will no longer just have just myself to think about. I haven't slept in a few days. Neither has Raymond. I think we are both anxious, nervous, excited, worn out, the list of emotions goes on and on. I have had many surgeries (unfortunately) but they've always been taking something out! Not taking something out and giving it back to me!!! Plus, I've never had a spinal- I've just always had general anesthesia. So, this will be many a firsts for us but we couldn't be more excited.
Today we are off to the club while the husbands all play golf...I am just going to relax with some girlfriends by having lunch and enjoying the cool water. It has been so hot here the past few days that about the only way you can find some relief is to be in the water. Tonight hopefully I will be worn out from the sun and get some sleep- we'll see about this- at least I am getting prepared for functioning on sleepless nights.
Thank you all for all of your prayers, emails, comments, phone calls, texts over the past few weeks. It truly has gotten us through some of our darkest moments. We couldn't have done it without all of you! We will be posting updates from the hospital and hope that you all have a wonderful week!!!

See you soon!!!!!

Love, Charlotte


  1. Hi Charlotte -

    I will be thinking about you and Raymond tomorrow! I know everything is going to go great. Can't wait until you come back and we get to meet sweet little Georgia!

    Thank you for you sweet, sweet comments and your prayers. I wish we lived closer....I think we could be friends in real life. :-)

    Enjoy today and you all are in my thoughts and prayers!


  2. Enjoy today!!!
    And make sure you and the husband get some rest! Trust won't regret it!!! I didn't sleep the day before I had my son and couldn't sleep in the hospital...I was a wreck the first night we brought the baby home (no sleep for almost 4 days)...get the rest!!!!!

    Keep us posted...will be thinking of you!

  3. Your last day sans baby! How surreal! I really hope you get some sleep tonight. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Just think... next time you walk through your front door you'll be holding baby Georgia!


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