Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Challenges

Good evening! We hope this blog finds all of you happy and tired after a good weekend! I am sure most of you are gearing up for another week, and so are we. We are ready to hit this bed rest challenge head on! I know that it will be tough for me as I hate to be cooped up, but I have wonderful friends and family who have already proved they won't let me get too terribly bored! There's always plenty of Lifetime and E! and I guess it's never too late to pick up a soap opera habit!
Yesterday we came home and have been trying to get settled ever since. We both have caught up on some much needed rest and I tell ya, you just can't sleep anywhere like you can in your own bed! Relaxing in my own signature sheets and bathing in my bathroom with my towels seems like the smallest, but largest luxury in the world!
This afternoon, Raymond's parents came down and brought us tons of food. I think we are set with frozen food until the next Cold War sets in! We now have plenty of groceries, casseroles, soups, meat, pasta, and even a few of Big's signature creations! We are so blessed because this way my husband won't be worried about spiffing up dinners from scratch every night and will keep us from having to eat out too often. They also took Tellie back with them earlier this week so that we wouldn't have to keep her in the kennel and while we miss her terribly, we know she is having a blast with her cousin Sissy up in Chester!
My mama came out last night and helped us set up Miss G's bedding. It looks absolutely divine! But would you have expected anything less for our little belle?!?!?!?!? I will post pictures soon, but the nursery is a wreck with all of her clothes everywhere! What is a girl to do? Her clothes multiply by the day so we are trying to get all of them washed and put up. I am really happy with the bedding and I can't wait to share it with all of you!
We have been monitoring my BP a few times a day. Raymond has become a pro at it and takes great delight in bossing me around and me having to take the orders. It's the strangest thing I swear. For the most part, my pressures have all been pretty good. A few curve balls here and there, but the doctor has given us some guidelines for us to go by before we "freak out" and rush to the hospital. We are keeping track of them and will take them with us to the doctor tomorrow morning. Raymond has been a saint at keeping up with all of my medications and making sure that I stay off of my feet. It's much harder than I ever thought it would be! From here on out, we will be going to the doctor twice a week and I will be hooked up to the fetal monitor and ultrasound to make sure that everything is okay with the baby. We are on the countdown now! It's insane to think that she will be here in just a few weeks but we are so excited and so very ready for her.
We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and I cannot wait for Georgia to see just how loved she really is by all of you! Thanks for everything ya'll have done!

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."
-Anthony Brandt

The (once again) Happy Hamilton's

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  1. Hey Charlotte! I've been thinking about you, Raymond, and baby during the week and am glad to see that you are home again and doing well. I know it must feel great to have all of your "homey" things again. Take care of yourself and stay rested!


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