Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Friday

Well, I thought I would at least try and convince myself it's a fun Friday.....Much to my dismay I am writing this article from my lovely hospital bed. Raymond and I had hoped to be home by now, but this has not happened. I have headache that has the medical team alarmed because it could be a tell tale sign that the pre-eclampsia is getting worse. They increased my medication to try and give me some relief and they are going to try and put me on some different medications to see if those help. My mom came and relieved Raymond today so he has gone home to pick up our baby girl from the kennel and bring her to my mom's to play. He also- I hope- is going to take a real shower, shave, and lay down at my mom's in a real bed and try and get some zzzzz's. He needs a break so bad right now but he refuses to leave my bedside. I am hoping that him getting out and getting some fresh air will help rejuvenize him as well.
My doctor and the two doctors that have been working with him and my situation think it will be best for me to stay another night. We may be able to convince them to let me go this evening, but the way our luck has been so far, I am not investing too much in that right now! We are planning on being here tonight and praying that tomorrow we can go home. My BP is up and down, which is what I think causes them the most alarm. It will drop really low, and then spike back up again. While it has decreased since going on the BP medicine, I think they would feel better if it would just stay low, or stay high. At least they would know how to handle that. It's weird because it will be low one night when I am sleeping, and the high the next when I am doing the same thing. My body is just all out of whack!
My appetite is good, and I just finished my lunch so I think I am going to turn out my lights and relax and let the medicine hopefully get some relief from my headache.
On a different note, we found out today that my mom definitely has another kidney stone. She went this morning for a scan and there's one in there! They are going to try and let her pass it, so let's hope that she continues to feel okay and that her pain is not too intense. These can be so very painful for her and she doesn't do well being laid up in a bed! Please add her to the prayer list as well!
We again, cannot thank you enough for all of your continued prayers and support. We will update soon!

Love, Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

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